Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No.  Originally the boxes were designed to mount to steel tube racks.  The instructions and hardware that come with these boxes are for that purpose.  Over the years as manufacturers have designed new racks and new materials, such as composite, many of our customers have found ways to custom mount these to their vehicles.  We do not have hardware or instructions for custom mounting so you will have to rely on your own hardware store, and ingenuity. 

Yes, Rhino products offers both third party manufacturing and design services as well as rebranding opportunities with our existing product lines. To inquire about these services click the Contact Us tab.

Rhino products is part of a family of companies under Innovative Outdoor Solutions and manufactured in the USA by Rhino Inc.

First and foremost our trailer beds are rotationally molded for superior durability and impact resistance.  Secondly we have incorporated what we have termed “Power Rails” into the plastic bed.  The rails are molded directly into the plastic.  The result is a solid attachment point that is embedded within the trailer body eliminating the need to put bolts though the base of the trailer body which create weak points.  Lastly we use only heady duty components, axles and tires to create a rock solid work tool.