At Rhino, we take seriously the impact in which we have on the communities we live and work in. Since 1996 our goal has been clear. We believe in producing higher standards of living while increasing the quality of life for the communities that surround us. Rhino is a believer in re-investing in society, and we pride ourselves on taking the right steps in serving our communities and those around us.

Every year, Rhino sets aside a budget for products to be utilized by Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations. We review all requests, and we continue to do so until our product budget has been utilized to its full extent.


From all of us at Rhino, we thank you for your interest in our products for your non-profit and/or charitable event. As you can imagine, we receive several donation requests each year from our friends in and around the Outdoor industry. With that said, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate each request we receive for event donations. Each year we draw from the pool of requests until we have reached our donation goal.

Please contact us in advance of your next event, and know that we will do our best to assist you if possible.


If you would like to be considered for our annual product donations, please fill out the form below. Your form will be reviewed, and a Rhino Representative will contact you if we are able to fulfill your request.

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